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Cedar Performance is a full service auto repair facility specializing in transmission and drivetrain repair. We don't have room to list every service and repair we can perform so we have listed a few of the most popular. If you have questions about a specific service or repair, please don't hesitate to call or come by and talk with a service advisor today.



Do you have a check engine light that just popped on or maybe you've been staring at one on your dash for weeks or even months wondering what it might mean. A check engine light can come on for very minor things but don't assume that just because you don't notice a difference in your car's performance that there isn't trouble on the horizon. Call or come by today for a free scan test and we will see what is behind that annoying light!


(* Free scan test is not a free repair. Making repairs based on a code alone can be a huge was of money and a proper diagnostic would be required before any repair would be performed. We will read the codes that are stored and advise you on what they could mean. Free scan does not include clearing of codes )



Cedar Performance offers you a free, limited, transmission diagnostic. We will perform and short road test, scan test for codes and fluid level and condition check. Newer vehicles are much more complicated than they used to be, we can be much more complete in our advice when we can see the vehicle and what it is doing. As much as we would like to, we cannot tell what is going on, or how much it may cost with just a phone call.


(* Free check is designed to give you quick answers about current transmission problems and does not cover intermittent problems or vehicles that need to be road tested for more than a few miles. Free diagnostic may not be comprehensive and other tests may be required for an accurate diagnosis. Call or come in today and speak with one of our qualified technicians to find out what is right for you)



Our staff at Cedar Performance is equipped with years of knowledge and experience, state of the art modern equipment, and upgraded facilities specifically for transmission repair. We pay for and use the most up-to-date factory service information available as well as sending our technicians to ongoing training throughout the year. Manager and transmission rebuilder, Joe Mower, has over 20 years of experience diagnosing and repairing transmissions. While many shops will claim to do transmission repair, most shops simply purchase and install replacement units. There are many things to consider when it comes to transmission repair including, cost, time lost for repairs and warranty options. Does the shop you are at have the knowledge and experience needed to make an accurate transmission diagnosis? Could it be something much less serious like an external electrical issue? Here's a test; ask to see their transmission rebuild room. Haven't got one?


Hey look, we can purchase and sell you the same part they want to install for you and probably for the same price or less, if that's the best option, but what if you don't need it? Do you trust them to tell you that? Come on down and let Joe or one of his crew check it out for you. You will have more options available and the advice will be expert. Transmissions are our specialty, it's in our name!



The replacement clutch market is full of mix-and-match parts from various sources, a practice that creates quality and installation problems. Value-priced brands from offshore manufacturers achieve savings with inferior raw materials, third world labor and no quality control. Quality flaws are not always visibly obvious. Parts might bolt-up, but will fail prematurely – often shortly after installation. During replacement, experience also plays a vital role. Lack of proper training in clutch and hydraulic systems could mean clutch release issues, even with brand new parts, if proper torque, lubrication and hydraulic bleeding procedures are not followed.

When it comes to a job as complex and labor intensive as a clutch replacement, you can’t afford Cheap, inferior parts and inexperience being the reason your car never leaves the shop. Whether you drive a sub-compact or a heavy hauler, trust the powertrain professionals at Cedar Performance to get your clutch done right the first time every time.

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